Morricone In Pop Band Format

This man’s such a genius. Any concert or collection of his music would probably, understandably, focus on his best known work but I really love his 60s and 70s pieces that were made to the format of small rock band. Such funky, groovy stuff, sometimes, – fuzz bass, twangy guitar, juicy organ, horns – and probably performed by blokes in sensible haircuts, shirts and neckties.

David Bowie, The Fall, The Beatles, Fela Kuti et al: they’ve all had comprehensive re-issue programmes of their work, in order, all spruced up and shiny. Ennio Morricone’s one of the few greats still not to have had this honour. Probably because his work’s so multitudinous and soundtracks were knocked off to order in a short space of time and the master tapes are probably all over Europe and the U.S. I understand that they’ve gone missing for his work for ‘Danger: Diabolik’ so that might well apply to others as well. Still, the internet can give us a great taste. My favourite pieces, made for the stripped-down format. Play loudly:



Money and the Hammer’s Main Pages



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