On Randy Bryce’s Quest to Take Paul Ryan down

A good piece in the Guardian about Randy Bryce and whether he can put down a template for the Democratic party.

“…His growing star power will help him, but sitting speakers don’t lose elections and Ryan’s district went for Trump by 11 points….”.

House Majority Leaders don’t lose elections either….at least they didn’t for 115 years until that maniac Eric Cantor got run out of town on a rail by that bigger maniac Dave Brat of the Tea Party in 2014. Cantor outspent him 40 – 1 and had a massive polling lead. Brat outflanked Cantor to the right with some proto-Trump, phony-baloney, anti-establishment, anti-crony capitalism screeds. The lesson being: stand for something, anything, please, and Randy Bryce is “…a populist who, unlike Democratic congressional leaders, unapologetically supports the single-payer healthcare legislation championed by Bernie Sanders…..”. No apologies needed when it polls so well with so many demographics.

The Democratic leadership is still tap-dancing and shilly-shallying around when the party polls so badly and people have shown that they haven’t any use for the Democratic party any longer. Chuck Schumer’s now unveiling the new Democratic “bold”, non-baby steps, economic program, a Better Deal, which still seems to be a stew of platitudinous nothingness. “Higher wages”; “create better jobs”; “re-train for the 21st century”. They think they’re being clever – who could argue against any of those three strands? – but it’s just copping out.

Sometimes tricks and word associations can help when learning a language or correcting your own use of your native language. Like when to use ‘affect’ and when to use ‘effect’ can be that ‘result’ can be substituted for ‘effect’ but not for ‘affect’. In terms of politics, if you want to stand for something, ask yourself: “Is this something for which I can be attacked by the other side?”. If it is, then congratulations, you’re actually standing for something. Green new deal; single-payer healthcare; free college; reinstating Glass-Steagall and the like will bring tried and trusted right-wing talking points but you’d be standing for something. Nebulous, smoky, triteness like higher wages, better jobs and re-training for the 21st century is like something a Republican would say. Were they asleep when Clinton lost to an orange hooligan and game show host while proffering the same milquetoast?

Seems to me that the Democratic leadership are trying to run out the clock. They know that the pendulum will swing back eventually and are banking on the Trump’s Mack Sennett homage bringing it back four years earlier. Trump might well get 86’d but Pence might give them the chance for a re-set, unless he’s boxed in to having to hand out pardons like candy. If the Democrats blow 2020 as well, they’ll shrug their shoulders and say: “Incumbency: whaddya gonna do, eh?”. They still get paid, Trump’s good for their business model and fund-raising, and a loss in 2020 should make 2024 all the more easy. A dangerous game.


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