Michael Moore on Broadway: The Terms of My Surrender

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Michael Moore’s a very interesting figure. His TV Nation series was a masterpiece and Roger & Me and Capitalism: A Love Story were just great too but, like some of the other posters, I fear that he gives the Democrats too much political cover when the Democrats’ inertia and Wall Street corruption probably beget Trump.

It wasn’t always like this, interestingly. There’s a worthwhile documentary, presented by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Hoffman asks the Green-supporting Moore why people bother with the Democratic party and Moore says that he understood; that if you’re in a sinking boat and you’ve only got a cup to use to bail water from that boat, you’ll use it, even though you know that you’re going to sink.

Moore ate some backlash for his Green support, due to the tired myth that it was the Green vote that cost Al Gore the 2000 election. Besides the fact that Gore won Florida, the 97,000 Green vote in Florida, when Bush “won” by 537 before the Supreme Court stopped the count, was deemed dispositive at large yet over three times that Florida Green vote, 308,000 of *registered Florida Democrats* didn’t vote Green, didn’t vote Democrat, didn’t stay home but voted *for* Bush..

Gore also banned the ready, willing, able and 63% popular sitting president, Bill Clinton, from campaigning for Gore in Gore’s home state of Tennessee but Gore lost his home state, a victory that would have put him over the top and negated Bush’s theft of Florida. Add the Green vote (19,781) to the Democratic vote in Tennessee (981,720) and Gore was still (60,448) short of Bush’s total (1,061,949). This all didn’t stop the nauseating, grotesque spectacle of Moore and Bill Maher pleading with Ralph Nader not to run in 2004 against Kerry; wanting to give the Democrats a free pass, making no demands on them, thus making progressive policies completely irrelevant to Democratic political calculations.

Ever since, Moore’s been running interference for the Democrats while they’ve been selling out. Hence, a short-fingered orange game show host became the (phony-baloney) populist in the corporatist party, beating the corporatist Hillary Clinton in the supposed populist party while progressives and leftists who’d been enabling the Democrats’ constant right-wing drift were all asleep at the switch, never leveraging the Democratic party with serious threats to withhold their vote. The fear will be that Trump or Pence in 2020 will lead to the Democrats doubling down on their “safe” strategy, since Trump/Pence was so horrific, and demands for single-payer, breaking up big banks, a green new deal, free college etc. will all be kicked into the long grass. *Monica Geller voice*: “Again!”


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