Trump’s extremely unpopular; Hillary’s even more unpopular

A piece from Daniel José Camacho in the Guardian highlights this fact.

This is what some need to understand but will never understand. As a best case scenario, if Hillary Clinton has been the undeserving victim of decades of attacks (which was bizarrely promoted as a reason to back her in ’08 and ’16 – ‘and she’s still standing!’ – and then trotted out as a defense for her miserable loss to an orange game show host – ‘all these attacks. It’s so unfair’) and the well of public goodwill has been poisoned, then that’s a big problem.

One can complain and call foul about any number of aspects of an election and perhaps get something done. Not enough media coverage? Maybe you can get more. Terrible questioning at a debate? Maybe you get an easier ride next time. A badly-sourced, suspect story written about you? Maybe you can get a retraction and more positive press next time. However, if the public don’t like you nor trust you, then all the whining about life being unfair will not change this situation. You can’t get new voters.

Her defenders say that she’s terrible in trying to get elected but great once in office. Even if true and we forget about Iraq, Libya, Honduras et al, that’s like someone who’s a great pilot but is terrible at both taking off and at landing.

It was so frustrating to watch her tap-dance over the Wall Street speeches. The way to have nullified that issue would have been so quick and easy, with two or three days of bad press and it would have been done with but she compounds everything by her tap-dancing only to eventually admit wrong doing when it’s far, far too late and thus her acceptance of any responsibility comes across as forced and phony-baloney. Even if she is a good politician, as many do believe, she is lousy and inept at campaigning.

One takes a weakness and turns it into strength. ‘It’s because I’m an insider that I can speak to these bankers and control them. If I phone them at three in the morning, they will take my call. Bernie? They’ll let his call go to voicemail. Hey, you know if you’ve ever made a speech at a wedding or something, you tell the crowd what they want to hear. Who doesn’t? You don’t go into someone’s house and tell them that their wallpaper and curtains are tasteless and gaudy. You get on stage then get off the stage. Simple mathematics.”.

Great piece by Jonathan Cohn a day after Hillary’s fiasco. People weren’t blind to Trump’s insanity, vulgarity and clownish ineptitude “…But They Hated Clinton.” They actually perceived Trump’s endless foolishness as proof that he wasn’t trying to get elected while Clinton’s constant “lawyering” stuck in their throats.

The Simpsons get credit for projecting Trump as a future president in old episodes but the one when Homer ran for sanitation commissioner was more on point, when a dangerous, maladroit, yet amusing clown wings his way to victory.

I think that the Democrats will learn all the wrong lessons and take four years of Trump/Pence as an even greater need to run safe and “pragmatic”. They might actually be right and win on politics (but lose on policy when another empty suit takes power and has no vision) because there’s a political pendulum in the U.S. and, with Trump being such a ludicrous shambles, it might well swing back after only four years because there’s no other option to Republican lunacy.

There’s also a danger that an actual progressive might force their way to the nomination and hurdle the DNC’s rigging and gaming, then Nina Turner or Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard might lose since, notwithstanding Trump’s short-fingered mishegas, Americans tend to vote for the current president, no matter what. If the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate can get a second term then Trump can get one (if he’s not in the hoosegow by 2020). Trump’s only talent is for campaigning and bullshitting, and the progressives will carry the can again if they can’t negate the incumbency factor.

Will Trump still be around? He just doesn’t care about anyone not called Trump and insulates himself with his spawn, no matter how useless they are. Without them, he’d fear being exposed as the total fraud that he is.

Perhaps it’s due to the U.S. having its political leader and its head of state both mashed into one individual that any notion of its leader or former leader going to be the subject of a criminal trial is deemed by some to be too much for the country to countenance. Kind of leaving the country rudderless. See Gerald Ford’s grubby quid-pro-quo pardon to ‘Mad Dog’ Nixon (which put his own approval rating straight in the toilet although it was still better than Trump’s now) or Obama letting the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate skate on any investigation into their torture and other war crime hi-jinks.

I feel that the time will come when Trump will be faced with his own grubby deal, through a back channel, when Donald Junior and Kushner are looking down the legal barrel and about to get criminally indicted: “Mister President. Either they get formally charged tomorrow afternoon or you resign before midday and take your whole creepy crew of pirates, looters and bandits back to New York City with you”. And it’ll be bye bye Trump.

Saying that, Trump is such a base degenerate, such a morally bankrupt scoundrel that I can also see him in my mind’s eye, talking to head-in-their-hands Junior and Kushner, giving them a snake oil-drenched ‘pep talk’ while moving his stupid little orange hands like he’s playing an invisible squeezebox (like he does when he’s flailing around):

You’re gonna have to do the time but don’t worry, you’ll be protected. It’ll be the easiest time in the history of doing hard time: believe me. Hard time? This’ll be soft time. Big league soft time. You’ll fly through it until Pence wins in 2024 and throws down a pardon: believe me……”.


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