Has Trump Junior sunk them all?

For all of the back-peddling, obfuscation, lying and whining of “Fake News!”, they’re toast, aren’t they?

It doesn’t matter if the lawyer wasn’t Kremlin-connected; it doesn’t matter if the meeting was short; it doesn’t matter if she didn’t come up with anything they could use. All of that does nothing, zero, to negate the fact – admitted by that entitled dummy, Junior – that Manafort, Kushner, Junior were all at the meeting with the intention of using information supplied by a foreign power to affect the upcoming U.S. presidential election. That’s the offence: the conspiracy to do that.

Knowledgeable people say that treason’s an awful hard rap to prove and can only take place between countries that are actually at war. Still, Obama managed to necklace many mere whistle-blowers with the 1917 Espionage Act. If the meeting had gone as Manafort, Kushner and Junior had hoped and they did pocket the goods, supplied by the foreign power, on the Democratic nominee and used them, wouldn’t they then be defined as de facto spies? Wouldn’t the foreign power then have them collectively by the nuts as their quid-pro-quo operatives within the United States, from then onwards, lest they got subsequently blackmailed as the goods (of collusion with a non-US power) would then be on them?

It seems grossly unfair that John Kiriakou and Chelsea Manning and Stephen Kim and Jeffrey Sterling et al can get hard time but these conspirators get to skate and see out four years. Not an apologia for Hillary Clinton: she was a terrible, phoney-baloney candidate and her campaign was a train wreck of a fiasco but this looks as rotten as can be for the Trump cabal. I’ve been a huge skeptic of the Russia/Trump narrative up to now (believing it too hard to prove, if true, and probably of financial leverage in nature) but this all looks like something that can possibly, finally stick.

Yet the Democrats are the Democrats and the Democrats could mess up a baked potato. If they hadn’t been so constantly feral and ‘on’ since Hillary’s shame back on November 8th, they might have had more wind at their backs now, now that something really crooked seems to have taken place.

Ironically, the “defence” to all of the lying from the Trump campaign about the meetings with the numerous Russian representatives – see the Jake Tapper video above – might well mirror the defence from Hillary and her people for having her own ‘home brew’ server in her basement to body swerve Freedom of Information requests: “Anything we did was going to be intentionally misconstrued by our political enemies, such a frenzy are they in. So we had to lie or try to keep things secret or avoid oversight.”.

Interesting to see how those who propagated this lame deflection for Hillary’s benefit will now use it to attack Trump and it’ll also be fun to watch Trump and his people using the same tactics to defend themselves from malfeasance for which they thought that Hillary should either go to prison or at least be disqualified as unfit for the Oval Office.


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