Exchange on Trump’s wacky diversionary tactics

People really have to stop getting into a tizzy over Trump’s free-style comedy. The world’s greatest troll is in the Oval Office: stop feeding him. Stop getting het up over his sliminess and creepiness towards women; stop pearl-clutching at his pathetic, childish use of language against, well, anyone and everyone who isn’t in his cabinet or called ‘Trump’. Concentrate on policies that affect, hurt, impinge on women; African-Americans; Latinos; Latinas; the poor; the sick….

Yes, he’s a horrible, gross, disgusting individual but no one cares. There’s a human trait which actually loves bastards as long as they’re our bastard and that was Trump’s positioning with his Make America Great Again horseshit. Trump is his own rodeo clown: stop running after him. Creating phony distractions allows him to keep faking his way through life. If people stopped taking the bait and let him just do his thing, the laughter would die down soon (part of the laughter is that the ‘correct’ people get angry at him) and he’d be left just touting his policies which even he doesn’t understand. He seemingly wasn’t aware that a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would involve colossal tax giveaways to the 1%. Without the cover of people getting angry at his latest “outrage”, the short-fingered orange bandit is a boil that would be lanced pretty easily and quickly.”
REPLY: “…”Yes, he’s a horrible, gross, disgusting individual but no one cares.”

Actually, yes we do; some of us want to see the most powerful country in the world led by a decent person and someone who’s up to the job, even if we disagree with his or her views.”

He’s been attacked as being a scumbag ever since he came down that escalator in his fruit cake fashion and called Mexicans rapists. That was two, TWO, years ago. Any progress on the matter, yet? Trump has no shame, zero shame: I wouldn’t try, therefore, to shame him or his ilk. It doesn’t work.
REPLY: “……”He seemingly wasn’t aware that a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would involve colossal tax giveaways to the 1%……”.

Utter bullshit. He knew very well.”

Perhaps but when, during the campaign, it came out that Trump didn’t pay taxes – and Chris Christie and that scoundrel Giuliani shamelessly brown-nosed him in public for not paying taxes for 18 years – they all called Trump a “genius”, and the orange bandit took the filthy credit but the Trump family accountant said that he did all the work, not Trump; that Trump merely signed the forms and didn’t know what the heck was going on.

Think Progress‘Trump’s latest comments prove he has no idea how health policy works’
“…One senator supporting the Senate GOP’s health bill left a meeting with the president on Tuesday concerned about Trump’s comprehension of the legislation, according to the New York Times. When one “moderate Republican” reportedly complained that the bill would be seen as a tax break for the rich, Trump said he would address tax reform at a later date — completely ignoring the tax implications inherent in repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replacing it with the Senate’s bill. Trump’s lack of familiarity with the bill’s contents was made evident by the exchange, but this is only the latest indicator from Trump that he doesn’t have the slightest idea how health policy works — his own, or anyone else’s…….”.

Trump’s very clever in playing to crowds and selling snake oil but stuff like ‘details’ and ‘reading’ are for others, not Trump. He’s too busy playing/cheating at golf and watching Fox & Friends blow smoke up his capacious rear end. Never underestimate how lazy and disinterested Trump is on anything that doesn’t involved him either eating or making money.
REPLY: “Please, stop missing the point.
While Trump acts the troll, he and his stooges are trying to give themselves tax cuts, crush regulation that protects quality of life and work, and beggar the government……”.

Wasn’t that precisely my point? That Trump’s his own rodeo clown and can misdirect, playing the fool, while he and his cabal can loot the country.
REPLY: “….”Yes, he’s a horrible, gross, disgusting individual but no one cares.”

Try the piece that appeared a couple of days ago by a Libyan whose daughter was killed in one of Trump’s bombing raids. He cared quite a lot……”.

That’s actually my point. Bombing raids is policy; on policy is the fertile ground on which Trump has to be attacked, not his verbal horribleness towards women, not his grossly fat stomach, not his disgusting propensity for lying like he breathes.


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