U.S. mainstream media constructed this monster

US Weekly

One shouldn’t forget this. There were even times when Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders actually speaking got ignored for shots of Trump’s empty podium before he was about to speak.

Even Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe, who have been doing a sterling job of covering the short-fingered orange meshuggener’s foolishness in the White House, hence Trump’s swivel-eyed mania about them now, were early enablers of this Falstaffian simpleton. That ‘hot mic’ that captured Morning Joe’s brown nosing; Bill Kristol’s hilarious meltdown captured one of the few times that Kristol’s been right about anything ever; Larry Wilmore: “Morning Joe has their head so far up Trump’s ass they bumped into Chris Christie…”; Scarborough laughing and enjoying Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter.

When one watches U.S. network TV now, one thinks of Paddy Chayefsky/Sidney Lumet’s ‘Network‘ and the pressure on news divisions to make a profit. Clinton outspent Trump 2 – 1 but Trump didn’t have to spend since the media gave him $5,000,000,000 free advertising. They worked Trump, milked him, because he could never win (those “experts” – still gainfully employed – laughing in Keith Ellison’s face when Ellison tried to sound the alarm) so, before he obviously was going to flame out, they pimped him out because even those who hated him would watch the train wreck. More than getting people to watch, U.S. network TV news is about stopping people turning off.

More people watching equaled a higher price charged to advertisers equaled the greater desire to work the teats on this fat, orange cash cow. While the media thought that they were being awfully clever, the short-fingered el diablo knew full well what was going on and knew then that he had them in his pocket. The snake oil-selling scoundrel flipped the script and pimped them out instead.

Most people interested in politics mistakenly assume the same level of understanding all over the electorate but many members of the public just don’t have the time. It’s not that they’re stupid, it’s that their own lives run them ragged and politics often gets kicked into the long grass by them. So, if Trump kept turning up on these news shows, nearly always calling in (I bet that he conducted some “phoners” while he was sitting on a gold-plated crapper, for the LOLZ. It took Fox’s Chris Wallace to offer resistance to this farce) and ostensibly being taken as a serious political player, were the public to think other than: “Well, he’s always on so he must be legitimate.”? No: Trump was mainstreamed.

Trump has no shame. Zero shame. He gets down into the mud with others and he’s on a win-win. He either gets the subject of his anger to lay off: win. Or he gets them to attack him more, thus showing that he was right, that they are out to get him: win. Staying cool and attacking over policy, rather than him as the degenerate scoundrel he is, will be the only way to cut this bandit down. For many, Trump’s scuminess isn’t the ‘bug’, it’s the feature. Showing how Trump will damage their own lives will be only pressure point on this maniac’s base of support.

Chickens are coming home to roost for the mainstream media. I’m not a great fan of Sam Seder and Majority Report, for being too naively credulous of the Democratic party and for being too comfortable in supporting Hillary Clinton but he does some fine, perceptive work here: extremely funny and on point.

The Trump cabal knows that the media craves access more than anything else. Even now, as Joe Scarborough ups the stakes to say that the White House tried to blackmail his show, Scarborough both kept the blackmail silent, then, and, now, still won’t name the miscreants in question. And they never reported that even people on the Trump campaign suspected that Trump was unbalanced.

The mainstream media have no notion of collective identity. If one of them was to tell the Trump crime syndicate to shove it, the others will just move into their space. It’ll ultimately be down to people and social media to run these bums out of town on a rail. That’s not “MSNBC” dealing with Trump, that’s horrible, old Comcast and they’re doing pretty well out of the Trump fiasco.

The media’s enabling of Trump from the beginning, for cynical purposes, doesn’t leave them on awfully thick ice when they have the clarity of perception to now accept that there’s a lunatic on the loose and he’s in the White House. How can they call foul now when the object of their current ire was their partner-in-crime when they mutually benefited from their earlier collusion and confidence game on the U.S. public? They can’t. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and Trump knows it. Unfortunately, for everybody.



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