Blog Contents Page: Music


R.I.P. Mark E. Smith: My Favourite 10 Songs By The Fall (January 2018)

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street (January 2018)

Lee Ranaldo Was The Best Singer and Songwriter In Sonic Youth (January 2018)

The Django Themes (September 2017)

Singing In Other Languages (September 2017)

David Bowie: 15 Of The Best (September 2017)

George Martin (not the Game of Thrones guy) (August 2017)

“Mr. Soul” x 4 (August 2017)

“I’ve Been Waiting For You” (August 2017)

A Velvet Underground Top 10 (August 2017)

Ennio Morricone In Pop Band Format (August 2017)

Majority Report’s ‘Fun Friday’ Music (July 2017)

‘Stretched Out’ Mixes (June 2017)

Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly (May 2017)

Eurovision 2017 (May 2017)

Short Songs, Long Songs, Any Songs (March 2017)

Johnny Marr’s Ingenuity (March 2017)

Cover Versions With Little To No Irony (Feb 2017)

New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ played on 1930s Instruments (Oct 2016)

Todd McFarlane’s Pop Video Work (Oct 2016)

Psychoanalysis; Hawkwind; William Burroughs; Kate Bush (Sep 2016)

Mogwai and Barbara Streisand (Sep 2016)


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