On Ossoff Being Told To Get Off

If a centrist Democrat wins = See? We Democrats need to be centrist.
If a centrist Democrat loses = See? The candidate wasn’t centrist *enough*; stop it with your counter-productive purism.

‘Elections are won from the middle ground’. Did Trump run from the middle? Did the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate? Did Richard Nixon? Did Ronald “Mad Dog” (McDonald) “Ray-Gun” Reagan? No.

The Democrats apologize for their existence and proffer Republican-lite but, when confronted by a fake and the real thing, people pick the real thing. Trump’s phony-baloney populism was buoyed by his roughhouse insanity. That was deemed more real than Crooked H’s robotics. Whereas Bernie Sanders’ true populism held a constant 10 – 15 points lead, even until election day itself, over the short-fingered orange bandit’s phony-baloney populism. (Not saying definitively that ‘Bernie Would Have Won’ as the Michael Bloomberg ‘kill switch‘ “…“You can question, in my mind, whether (Elizabeth Warren’s) God’s gift to regulation, close the banks and get rid of corporate profits, and we’d all bring socialism back, or the U.S.S.R.’’…..” would have backed up the DNC ‘kill switch’).

If the Democrats actually cared about helping people, the road is clear: single-payer, break up banks; green ‘new deal’ but I don’t think that they give a damn. The U.S. presidential pendulum always swings one way and then the other. José Mourinho’s outlook used to be that games are won by those who commit mistakes and to commit mistakes, one has to have the ball…and the Republicans have got the ball. And they’ve got a bull in the White House china shop who might smash the Republican party to bits.

I truly wonder if the Democrats are thinking of ‘running out the clock’ while they themselves get paid. Maybe that’s too cynical but I remember Michael Moore writing that, in the run up to 2004’s election, he went to the Democratic party and proposed a Democratic-Green alliance in order to 86 Bush/Cheney but was told off the record that the Democrats had essentially written off the 2004 presidential election.

Far easier and lazier for the Democrats to blithely – as Obama said, when the Standing Rock protesters were being assaulted and tortured – ‘let things play out’. Also the agenda-setters; the media mouthpieces, still show no sign of supporting an actual progressive onslaught because that would highlight their woefully misplaced faux-pragmatism when they supported the terrible, miserable 2016 presidential campaign. It would be a sign of them acknowledging their failures and they’d rather just keep things as they are and rake in the donor money. It’s amazing to me that the same pundits, the same dull pontificators, are still mouthing off and still getting things hopelessly wrong, but without ever paying any price whatsoever. If a politician had been as drastically wrong as any of these bums over the last couple of years, these pundits would have been hollering for their head on a plate…and they’d have been right to do so.

Yet if the Democrats were of a mind to give the public something to vote for rather than just stand on a #NotTrump platform, they might surprise themselves. The old paradigm’s been smashed by Trump, Bernie and Jeremy Corbyn. People want authenticity not shifty-eyed, market-tested, calculated and re-calculated, soundbite regurgitation.


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