Real Time Reaction To James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee Again.

James Comey testimony: former FBI director to go before Senate

Dodgeball’s Cotton McKnight: an “event greater than the World Cup, World Series and World War II combined!!!…”

This is all the sort of mishegas that normally swirls around a president after six or seven years, not four or five months. Jesus, what a goofball.

“Trump will monitor Comey’s testimony, as time permits, in a WH dining room with his legal team & advisers, sr. WH aide tells @PeterAlexander”

Trans: he’s on the golf course……Again.

Republican party sez: “President Trump feels completely and totally vindicated by former FBI director James Comey’s opening testimony and is eager to move forward.”

Trump always feels completely and totally vindicated, no matter what new act of lunacy, chicanery, double-dealing or bullshitting. How this infant, this goofball, this degenerate maniac ‘feels‘ about something is neither here nor there. Try harder.

Goddamn the internet. We might have seen a variation on that Airplane bit, otherwise, when the reporters all run into the phone booths.

Kamala Harris, the Democratic senator from California, sits on the committee…..”.

She of being essentially told to shut up by Richard Burr yesterday fame as she tried to swim above the verbal diarrhoea crapped out by Rod Rosenstein. Very admirable how Harris somehow kept her cool after being undercut by that scoundrel Burr.

The live video feed is atop the blog…..”.

By the looks of that screengrab, he’s already taunting and goading Trump with the size of his own normally-proportioned hands. Good.

Prediction: this’ll be the dampest squib since the second Ali/Frazier bout because Robert Mueller’s working him from behind and wants to keep the powder dry until they can truly nail Trump to the wall. Hope I’m wrong.

I like David Rivkin’s necktie. Very cool, very natty and about half a mile shorter than Trump’s chosen length.

Cut the bullshit and dish! Dish!

Burr’s suspect. He’s Trump’s/Bannon’s puppet. He’s the monkey to their organ-grinding. Burr will run interference for the Trump cabal.

Burr sez: “…American people to make their own judgment….”.

Then we’re all screwed. They made this Godless orange hooligan the president, after all.

Burr’s trying to run interference by putting everyone to sleep.

“…Private citizen…”.

NSA makes no citizen private any longer.

That’s a fair point from Warner. If they hadn’t had Trump all over them, they would have denied it. Their non-answers were smoke signals of conformation.

Interesting that he doesn’t want to repeat that statement. Sounds like he’s hot to trot and eager to inflict some verbal ‘pimp hand’. This could be great fun after all. Yay!

Never, ever understood that: why didn’t the DNC hand over or want to hand over their hacked servers to the Feds? Seems shady.

Don’t fuck this up, Warner. Use your time correctly and prudently.

‘Because he’s a liar, a goofball, a clown, a maniac and everyone knows it. Bet your ass I had to write shit down’…..essentially that’s what he’s saying

Gangster government. Sessions and Kushner getting named too. Sweet.

James Risch and his figurative smoke machine. Should be ashamed of himself.

Let’s take it as read that you’ve all got respect for Comey, Feinstein. Get to it. We’ve all got shit to do.

Trump’s mini-me sez: “Hoping and telling are two very different things, you would think that a guy like Comey would know that. #givemeabreak”

Yes. Same as Mafia hoods always, always say ‘kill this person’ rather than faux-politeness like ‘Could you sort this out for me?’ or ‘Do you wanna go down there and straighten him out?’……oh, wait…….

Trump’s mini-me sez: “Hoping and telling are two very different things, you would think that a guy like Comey would know that. #givemeabreak

So what was your deadbeat Dad’s point, then? That Comey and Drumpf would get down on their knees, hold hands and merely hope that somehow Flynn got a ‘mulligan‘? Blow it out your ass, Donnie Junior.

Because the whole world knows that Trump lies like he breathes, Susan Collins, including James Comey.

Heinrich doing some good damage to the short-fingered vulgarian here. Nice. Comey’s coming across well, like a boy scout.

It’s even more embarrassing when someone reads a transcript of Trump’s words. The orange scoundrel sounds even more like a confused, petulant infant.

Liked the Russian bank question. Obstruction of justice and money laundering are the main ingredients in this whole grubby fiasco, I suspect.

It would scare the shit out of me if someone said that they prayed for me and my family.

Subpoena the tapes! Trump’s got a history of taping people. He’s probably pouring gasoline over them right now now that Comey’s saying how receptive he is to their release.

Everyone knows that a President Hillary would have fired Comey before she took off her coat. She’d have been correct too. If Comey was going to send that letter, the very first words should have highlighted that – as of now – there was no new evidence, that they were looking for new evidence. That was a scandalous misjudgment.

Exactly, Kamala Harris, exactly. The “I hope” dodge is such a bunch of bullshit.

Seems like Kamala Harris is actually aiming for non-responsive responses because they, de facto, convey malfeasance. She’s boxing clever.

The more polite and respectful the questioners are at the start, the more likely that they’re going to follow up with a verbal 2 x 4. Comey’s like Neo in the second Matrix, though, yawning as he parries the punches and chops of the upgrades.

I can definitively say the President is not a liar” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders says in off-camera briefing at the White House“.

Who does she think that she’s fooling? LOL! Hope that those listening to that garbage did the “ba-da-biiiiiiiish” sound and motion when she said that.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked again if there is any recording system in the Oval office, doesn’t say no: “I have no idea.”…..”

That’s a yes. Subpoena the mothereffing tapes!

McCain’s babbling. Someone poke him with a stick and get him some hot, black coffee.

The collar on the guy behind McCain makes McCain look like devil horns are coming out of his dome.

McCain’s lost the ability to form a sentence.

McCain is “a mess”!

McCain is all over the place. What a fiasco.

Maybe McCain’s trying to play both sides: running interference for Trump but doing it in the most maladroit fashion possible? That was terrible, just terrible.

Drudge is still “a thing”?

Also, Trump’s talk of “that thing” is textbook mobster-speak.

If McCain was doing an Ernest Saunders/Rupert Murdoch comedy bit to try to work his way out of the corner between being forced to defend Trump but doing it in such a bumbling, mumbling deranged way, it was almost too successful. His fiasco could have almost stolen the whole narrative at the end, it was such a train wreck but, if it was on purpose, it was the elderly politician equivalent to getting out of a speeding ticket by jutting one’s breasts out to a police officer.

Paul Ryan sez: “He’s just new to this” and “probably wasn’t steeped in long-running protocols.”

Like the quaint protocol to not break the law and obstruct justice?

Trump sez: “…congressional Democrats are “obstructionists”….”.

Like how police officers are “obstructionists” to gangsters, hoods and thugs.

Full statement emailed by press person for Marc Kasowitz”.

Look at the first line: ‘President Trump’ is spelled ‘Predisent Trump’. Either utter incompetence (from someone connected with Trump? Shocker!) or he’s trying to smoke signal that he can’t believe that Trump’s president either but he’ll bleed him for all he can in the meanwhile.



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