Blog Contents Page: Current affairs


Trump’s Racism and Fascism On The Mexican Border Is No Reason To Pine For Hillary Clinton (June 2018)

Plea For Trump To Do His Version Of Shatner’s ‘Rocket Man’ (April 2018)

Thoughts On Trump-Russia (March 2018)

Transcripts Aren’t Trump’s Friends (March 2018)

Facebook & Data Harvesting: The Onion On This, Seven Years Ago (March 2018)

Mark Blyth (Who Predicted The Win of Trump in 2016): ‘Hillary Will Run In 2020 (February 2018)

Trump Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth, Depending On To Whom He’s Pandering (February 2018)

Bernie Sanders Supporter Calls The Election Five Months Out, Cenk From TYT Called It Four Months Out (January 2018)

Cornel West Versus Ta-Nehisi Coates (January 2018)

On Jimmy Carter (January 2018)

On Ivanka Trump and the Notion of a Female U.S. President (January 2018)

Word of the Year: ‘Rig’ (November 2017)

In Defence Of Susan Sarandon: A Quick Response To the Guardian’s Piece (November 2017)

More Thoughts On Hillary Clinton’s Book At The Current U.S. Political Climate (September 2017)

Early Thoughts On The Hillary Clinton Book ‘What Happened’ (September 2017)

H.A. Goodman and Benjamin Dixon Debate (August 2017)

On The ‘Inside/Outside’ Idea Regarding The Democratic Party (August 2017)

Randy Bryce Trying To Lance The Paul Ryan Boil (July 2017)

Michael Moore Taking Trump To Task On Broadway (July 2017)

Kamala Harris Signals The Starter’s Pistol For 2020 (July 2017)

Trump Sets An Amazingly Low Bar In Unpopularity….But Hillary Manages To Beat It (July 2017)

The Near Uselessness Of Satire In The Age of Trump (July 2017)

Assure The Public That Trump Out of Office Means Pence Instead, Not Hillary Clinton (July 2017)

Laugh Out Loud at Trump’s ‘Idiot Son’. The Idiot’s Idiot Son (July 2017)

Exchange on Trump’s Wacky Diversionary Tactics (July 2017)

The Media Created Trump. They Can’t Complain When He’s True To Form (July 2017)

The Awesome Kshama Sawant and Lesser Evilism in 2020 (June 2017)

On The Very Brilliant ‘Current Affairs…’ Magazine (June 2017)

Centrist Democrats (June 2017)

James Comey At The Senate Committee (June 2017)

Hillary’s Diffusion Of Blame Bit (June 2017)

On Trump-Indebted Violence Towards The Media (May 2017)

A Possible Path For Democrats In 2020 (May 2017)

Bill Maher in Finger-Wagging Mode, Sadly (May 2017)

Reaction to Trump’s firing of James Comey: FBI Director (May 2017)

On James Comey’s Senate Appearance Today (May 2017)

Exchange on whether Trump’s victory was inevitable (May 2017)

On the May 2nd Hillary Clinton Interview with Christine Amanpour at Women for Women International (May 2017)

TYT And Sam Seder As They Started To Understand That The Roof Was Falling In On Election Night (April 2017)

The Travails Of Dale Peterson (April 2017)

Ivanka Trump: Reining In Her Hooligan Father Or Just ‘Running Interference’ And Giving Him ‘Sane’ Cover? (April 2017)

Tribute To Cenk Uygur and Jimmy Dore For Sounding The Alarm Months In Advance Over Hillary’s Chances (March 2017)

U.S. Democrats’ Problem With Bernie Sanders (March 2017)

On Trump’s Lying, Ignorance And All Round Stupidity (Feb 2017)

An Exchange On How Hillary Clinton’s Defeat Was The Fault Of The Hillary Clinton Campaign (Jan 2017)

A Playlist For Trump’s Inauguration (Dec 2016)

Rachel Maddow And Her Spurious Pre-Election Polls (Dec 2016)

How Michael Bloomberg Might Have Stopped Bernie Destroying Trump (Nov 2016)

Reasons For The Democratic Defeat And How, Without Gary Johnson, It Could Have Been Even Worse (Nov 2016)

2014: MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Urged Hillary Clinton NOT To Run In 2016 (Nov 2016)

Bruce Springsteen Stumping For Hillary Clinton (Nov 2016)

You’re Voting To Choose Your Opponent, Not Your Leader (Nov 2016)

Bill Maher’s Anti-Trump T-shirts (Oct 2016)

The SNL Second Presidential Debate (Oct 2016)

The Case For ‘Drumpf’ Over Trump (Sep 2016)

The Presidential Debates (Sep 2016)

Bernie Sanders Being Set Up To Take The Fall (Sep 2016)

Donald Trump and Legal Action (Sep 2016)

On Tactically Voting “For” Hillary Clinton (Sep 2016)

176 Reasons Not To Vote For Trump (GQ/Keith Olbermann) (Sep 2016)

How To Get Presidential Debates To Engage With Truth (Sep 2016)




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