Diffusion of Blame, Hillary-style, Applied Elsewhere

Hats off to Jake Tapper for this. This kind of knowing, disingenuous diffusion of blame, from Hillary and the establishment Democrats in her pocket, is allowing her and them to get away, to walk away uninjured, from their embarrassing, woeful, shameful loss last November to a short-fingered, orange bandit. And it’s effective because it is true. There are many different causes to which one can point for such an electoral fiasco. However, isn’t it the case with everything; that there are always many different elements at play?

I can take responsibility for writing this post. This is mine. However, what about the person who made the computer? Without them, this wouldn’t be written at this moment in time. The person who made the table and the person who designed the table on which I’m working? Without them in this equation, it wouldn’t be written: can they also be seen as co-authors? The person who’s responsible for supplying electricity to this house: are they co-authors too? It would be a different post without them as this is reflection of my perspective right now: not minutes, hours, days or weeks later.

How about something bad, like if I forgot to pick up my niece? If only the film I watched last night wasn’t so excellent then I’d have got more sleep and woken up at an hour leaving me time to pick up said niece. It’s partially the fault of the film’s director and writer, then, for being too good. The alcohol that I was drinking last night. Sure, it was my decision to drink it but someone sold it to me. If that person had refused my service then that wouldn’t have affected my sleep and, by extension, my capacity to have enough time to pick up my niece. So, it’s their fault too. My dog didn’t jump on my bed and lick my face like she’s done before. That would have woken me up earlier. Therefore, I can parcel out at least some of the blame for my failing to pick up my niece to my dog too. Now, who else….?

In both scenarios, I’d argue that there’s tiny to infinitesimal blame shifting here that has some tiny basis in truth but this isn’t how the world works and shouldn’t be accepted as excuses. Hillary Clinton’s blame shifting – enabled by those pundit experts whose reputations are intertwined with Hillary’s fate – is akin to soccer managers saying: “That other team. They tried to score goals against us and that stopped us scoring goals against them.” and expecting that to act as some form of explanation for an unexpected defeat. Yes, it’s all technically true, but have some grace and accept the responsibility that you took on when, in Hillary’s case, she accepted the nomination for president.

On two grounds, there’s no way on Earth that the Democrats should have lost to a Godless orange hooligan called Donald Trump (even with the Hillary campaign’s near total ineptitude, under the cockermamie U.S. electoral system, if about 77,000 votes in three rust belt states had gone the other way, Hillary would have won with over 300 electoral votes).

The first is that Hillary was a candidate who was under FBI investigation since March 2015. No FBI investigation equals no ‘Comey letter’. No other candidate would have been allowed to run while under such of sword of Damocles through fear that it could take the whole party down with them. Bernie, Webb, Chafee in the Democratic party, Trump, Rubio, Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz in the Republican party would have all been told: NO WAY!” but Hillary got waved on through as an inevitable winner. I’d actually put more blame on the DNC rather than Hillary.

Of course she’d want to run. She was running ever since she carpetbagged her way to New York in 2000 and then it got kicked down the road for eight years after she lost to Obama. DNC should have taken responsibility for this. Legal matters of guilt and non-guilt aren’t in their purview but winning elections is. They could have told her to come back for 2020, when Bernie and Trump would still make her look like a youngster.

These journalists/advocates/operatives/boosters/shills who kept shouting that annoyingly twee phrase: ‘Nothing Burger’. It was patiently a ‘Something Burger’: the ‘something’ being that Hillary literally, actually had the Feds all over her. I wonder how many Hillary primary voters would have been interested to know that it was an actual FBI investigation, not some “inquiry”, not some “security review”. ‘Hey, two candidates are running: one had an FBI investigation  hanging over their heads and one doesn’t: it’s your choice, America.’  All some journalistic malpractice that many hope will be forgotten. This all gets overlooked when Hillary whines about the ‘Comey Letter’: you left yourself open to be politically rabbit punched, didn’t you?

The second obvious reason for necklacing all this around the neck of Hillary’s campaign is her vice-presidential pick of Tim Kaine: one of the few Democrats more right-wing that Hillary. Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie or another actual progressive and this election would have been over last August. The Kaine pick was a middle finger to the base. The establishment Democrats shout for ‘Unity’ now but where were they when the time for unity came with her vice-presidential pick, and she thumbed her nose at unity by ignoring the progressive wing? Hillary also whined to CNN that

“…”I also think I was the victim of the very broad assumption that I was going to win,” she said. “I never believed that. I always thought it was going to be a close election.”

So that’s why I tempted fate, waved away the base and picked Tim Kaine…..oh, wait…

And if it wasn’t for third parties, she would have got hammered even harder.

Colorado: Hillary won by 2.1%. Right-wing Gary Johnson got 2.2. Jill Stein and the Greens got 0.7%.
Johnson probably swung it Hillary’s way.

Minnesota: Hillary won by 1.4%. Gary Johnson got 3.9%. Jill Stein got 1.3%.
Again, thanks to Johnson.

Nevada: Hillary won by 2.4%. Gary Johnson got 3.3%. No Jill Stein on the ballot but ‘None Of The Above’ got 2.6%
Johnson to rescue again.

New Mexico: Hillary won big by 8.3%……. but Gary Johnson got 9.3%. Jill Stein got 1.2%.
Big props to Gary Johnson there.

Florida: Trump won by 1.3%….but without Gary Johnson’s 2.2% it could’ve/would’ve been larger, no? Jill Stein got 0.7%

Electoral votes: New Mexico 5; Nevada 6; Minnesota 10; Colorado 9. That’s 30 electoral votes: thanks to Gary Johnson taking them from Trump and giving them to Hillary. Without Johnson, Hillary wouldn’t have even broken 200 (ending on 197) when the target was 270 electoral votes. But don’t you dare say that this terrible, damaged, weak candidate was a terrible, damaged, weak candidate or else you hate all women, mmmkay?



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