Finger-wagging is so ‘not a good look’ for a millionaire comedian

Bill Maher’s turning into a tiresome, finger-wagging scold. He must think that he’s hit a rich seam here; he keeps on doing this, but it makes him look like a delusional fool. Hillary was a dreadful candidate. Trump being awful doesn’t change that. Also, the Clintons had a private email server – not the wrong laptop – to avoid FOIA requests so that they could hide the Clinton Foundation accounts. Crooked Hillary; crooked Bill; crooked Trump. Either way, Americans were voting for their 45th and 46th presidents last November.

Hillary would have been kicked out, with Kaine seeing out the term until – after 12 years of Democrats – Americans voted in Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz for eight years. This way, Trump won’t make a year, perhaps not even six months, Pence will see it out and then it’ll be eight years of a Democrat, perhaps an actual progressive this time, and – who knows? – perhaps even someone who doesn’t have the Feds all over them? This could all be better for Americans over the long run.

But if Maher wants to wag fingers, it was journalistic malpractice for people like him to always play down Hillary’s email/FBI trouble. Have a look at libertarian/conservative writer, Andrew Sullivan, as he breaks down the reasons, months prior to the election, as to why Hillary was a dreadful candidate. Notice the milquetoast pushback against Sullivan’s reasoning and watch the whiny moaning when Sullivan even broaches the email issue.

Sullivan turned out to be a strong advocate for voting for Clinton but only because it was either her or the short-fingered orange bandit who’d be the 45th president of the United States but he still stood by all of his criticisms of Hillary. The point being that this isn’t all information that came out in retrospect after Hillary and the Democrats’ miserable failures, it was all there ahead of time but people averted their eyes. Even Bernie Sanders, as admirable and honest a person as he is, made a terrible miscalculation when he told Hillary and the crowd and the watching TV audience in a debate: “…The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails….”. No, they heard a lot but it was always misinformation. The media played along with Hillary’s Harvey-Keitel-from-Pulp-Fiction-style “cleaner” Sidney Blumenthal’s assertions that Hillary was merely involved in a “security review” an “inquiry” not an investigation, which is what it was.

The smug, twee phrase used by Hillary supporters/establishment Democrats to describe Hillary’s email saga was “a nothingburger” but that “nothing” burger, if indeed it was nothing, if there was no there there, de facto becomes, as Michael Tracey often has indicated, a “something” by extension, because the FBI were investigating. The ‘burger’ is the fact that the Feds were all over the candidate. That is the burger.  This was obvious before the election to those who were able to have the time to look at things objectively. Hence the establishment Democrats’ ‘Omertà’ to protect their pick.

Many people take care to vote but just don’t have the time to be knee-deep in these political matters so they rely on commentators to tell them what’s what. How many of the Democratic primary voters voted for Hillary because she was pushed by people like Maher as the ‘safe’, the ‘pragmatic’, choice when – due to being the subject of an FBI investigation – she was a million miles from being safe? That was Hillary’s one selling point, that she was inevitable, that she was a ‘safe pair of hands’….and the Feds were all over her. That was pretty important information to consider, to factor in to who’d be the best Democrat to fight the General Election, especially when the Democrat was perhaps going  to be tasked with saving the nation from a total maniac, a maniac like Trump, like somnambulist, Ben Carson, like Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz: all of whom were actually elevated by the Democratic party and their media operatives because they knew that Hillary was a weak, damaged, terrible candidate and that she needed all the cover she could get. They played dice with the Republic in order to enable Hillary and they lost. Miserably. Shame on them. Shame. Democratic primary voters could almost think about a class action suit against the NYT, Bill Maher, MSNBC, CNN and the rest for their ostensible malpractice. Maher’s a funny, talented guy but he’s in no position to finger-wag to anyone. He needs to cease and desist.


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