Reaction to Trump’s firing of James Comey: FBI director

James Comey firing: FBI director’s dismissal rocks Washington – live

“…Just now: Giuliani here at the Trump hotel, says he thinks Trump was correct to fire Comey….”.

Please give me a job, Donnie. Please, please, please give me a job…

How’s the Democrats’ relationship with Comey now?
‘We love Comey’, after he refuses to indict Hillary.
‘We hate Comey’, after he made the case for indicting Hillary, bashing her up but keeping her in play.
‘We love Comey’, after he said that he was investigating the short-fingered orange bandit. ‘We hate Comey’, after he said that he’d send the letter again if he had to make the choice again.
‘We love Comey’, after he became a victim to the orange el diablo’s childishness last night. I’m dizzy.
It’s like Comey’s got a “wifebeater” T-shirt on, a cigarette on one hand and a bottle of beer in the other while the Democrats are the wife or girlfriend telling the cops that she’s okay.

Trump needs a real hack with no integrity to “lead” the Feds. Should have Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and Rudolph Giuliani sitting on three stools, like ‘The Dating Game’/’Blind Date’ while Kellyanne Conway sits over the other side, reading her bullshit questions.

Lavrov: “…You’re kidding. You’re kidding.”

Please make this the title of any future documentary film about the short-fingered orange bandit’s presidency.

Always said that Americans were voting for the 45th and 46th president last November. Option A: Hillary as president, with scandal and chaos (some real, much phony-baloney) then Kaine seeing out the four years, followed by (after 12 years of a Democratic White House) eight years of Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz.
Option B: Trump, the short-fingered el diablo, wrecking the joint in eighteen different ways, followed by Pence and then (having been such a catastrophe) eight years of a Democrat, hopefully an actual progressive.
All this Trump mishegas could still be a win in the long term for the US.

Trump denies that he spoke with Stone“.

*Trump translation machine*: “You bet your ass that I spoke with Roger Stone.”.

Even Trump’s signature is terrible: he talks like he’s got brain damage and he writes like he’s got brain damage.

Always thought that Comey’s decision in last summer should have pleased the Republicans no end. He smashed her reputation up but kept her in play. One Democratic operative said that if it was anyone else but Hillary they’d have told her to step aside but since she was always seen as inevitable for years and the first-in-line replacement was the FDR New Dealer with the bad posture, they decided the roll the dice….D’oh! Those morons who were almost doing cartwheels when – big whoop! – their candidate managed to body swerve an indictment from the Feds were such a bunch of damn clowns.

Both members of “the Help” in that video are African-American. I wonder how soon this was after the orange meshuggener got into the White House? Did he request African-American help, like he requested females to dress a certain way? Or were they already employed, I wonder?

Asked about Comey firing, Sen Ted Cruz R-TX tells reporters he will put out a written statement“.

In plain English? Or in rows of ciphers…?

Be careful in trying to ascribe sarcasm to someone who isn’t speaking their first language.

Regarding ‘Nixonian’: Nixon started the Environmental Protection Agency while the short-fingered bandit is trying to destroy it. Also Nixon had a extremely complex and sharp intellect while Trump makes George W. Bush look like a professor.

Ted Cruz in ‘Total snake, zero integrity’ shock.

Weasel words from Ted ‘Weasel’ Cruz. Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Rubio, who earlier was “surprised” at the Comey firing, does now have questions….”.
– Why is hair starting to grow on my face and my cock & balls…..?

Lavrov silently cursing for forgetting to wear his ‘I’m With Stupid’ T-shirt.

Pence walking through the Capitol responds to questions about Comey firing: “Right decision, right time.”….”.

He then held up four fingers and then six fingers before walking away, giggling…

Ambassador Kislyak: Vertigo; Psycho; The Birds; The 39 Steps; The Lady Vanishes et al. The man’s an entertainer and a great artist.

If that metric got applied to you. you’d have been back in New York City three months ago, punk.

“…Henry Kissinger, what have you done with Sergei Lavrov?….”.

Told the secret police where to pick him up for them to kidnap? That’s his historic modus operandi.

He says Trump acted “according to his competence”….,.”.

Ain’t that the melancholy truth…

Always thought that the Russia/Election narrative was a bunch of bullshit, cooked up by the neoliberals/establishment Democrats as a three card monte-style misdirection gambit from their own miserable failures but I’m willing to be proven incorrect. If the Feds have got something on the short-fingered orange bandit then they’ll soon be leaking like a colander and it’ll be funny to watch these jerk-off Republican hacks try to pivot and say that they knew that Trump was a scumbag all along.

Drudge sez: “…Major house cleaning needed for survival…”.

Already? But he’s only been in just over three and a half months and he’s already fired his National Security Advisor, his Deputy Attorney General and the FBI director. Jesus H. Christ. What a fiasco this man is.

“Senate invites Comey to testify – reports”.

“Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell Randy Gonzalez!”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has begun the White House briefing, for which she is filling Sean Spicer’s role…..”.

She might have given her false name/stagename some more thought. She just looked up at a TV and saw Bernie and then Mike Huckabee getting interviewed and she thought: “That’ll do.”.

Comey “took a stick of dynamite and threw it in the department of justice” by calling a press conference last July and saying there was no prosecutable case against Hillary Clinton, Sanders says.”.

While your short-fingered orange bandit of a boss was getting crowds to chant “Lock her up!” and now you’re coming across high and mighty? This is some grade-A gaslighting

“…Ryan is scheduled to appear on Fox News at 6pm tonight.”.

Wherein he’ll answer tough question like: “Would you like me to fluff your pillow?”. “How do you take your coffee?”. “Who’s best: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?”.



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