TYT and Sam Seder on 2016 Election Night: trying to compute and process the results.

I find this fascinating; it’s now living history. The last polls suggested a clear win for Hillary Clinton over the short-fingered, orange bandit but, in the extended coverage here, one can watch as the horror slowly sets in. Flick to the 8 hour mark for that in the TYT link and flick to about 2 hours 57 minutes in the Sam Seder link: they seem to me to be the moments when the roof starts to fall in.

This isn’t to make fun: if I was an American, for all of Hillary’s horribleness, I’d have been glad to vote against Donald Trump in the most productive way by giving my vote to Hillary Clinton. Ordinarily, I would guess that I would only vote for a corporate Democrat if I was in one of the United States’ ‘swing states’, voting for the Green party instead, if I lived in a deep Republican or deep Democratic state but Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ comments were so outrageous that I would have gladly voted for Hillary to cause him the greatest damage I could muster. Trump should have been in jail, not running in – much less winning – a country’s General Election.

Here in the UK, I watched the TYT coverage solidly, save for the moment when it started to look like the orange fruit cake was going to win. At that point, I turned the volume down on my laptop, crawled in under my duvet and stared at the ceiling, hoping to judge from the low murmur if things started to look a bit rosier. I was like the old idea of one sleeping in one’s bed and, thinking that one hears an intruder down stairs, one merely just pulls one’s blanket or duvet over one’s head for “protection”: as if the duvet would deflect the axe murder’s weapon as he came up to kill me.

There are lots of reasons for Hillary and the Democrats’ miserable defeat. I’ll write more another time but, essentially, they thought that they had it in the bag years ago when it looked like the changing demography of the U.S. would preclude a Republican win. The Republicans’ “autopsy” after the 2012 Romney defeat was in connection with this idea. They thought that they had to change or else face another defeat. Rather than paying heed to their findings, the Republicans went further “up river” and, together with Hillary’s electoral toxicity, pulled out an unlikely win. Although Michael Moore got credit for calling the Trump win some way out, I’m sure that I read him opining even longer ago that demographics meant that the Democratic primary winner would be the next president.

Those who pulled and shilled for Hillary weren’t bad people, they were just working under a misapprehension; a strong one, which led them to yawningly disregard all evidence to the contrary. A couple of years ago, I too was blithely telling everyone that ‘If Hillary runs, she wins’ then I remember reading something from the author/film-maker, Alex Cox, who – now resident in the U.S. – said flatly that Americans would never elect Hillary Clinton as their president. That gave me great pause and then, later, after the liberals waved away the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s use of emails, I found out that she didn’t use just another account but a private ‘homebrew’ server, I started to see the train wreck ahead. ‘The Comey letter’? Maybe don’t run candidates who have the Feds crawling all over them next time? Sanders; Trump; Marco Rubio; Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz would all, I’m sure, have been turned away from even running in the primaries due to the risks being too great of such attention taking them and the party down but Hillary was seen as inevitable so she got waved on through. D’oh!

Whenever you suffer from horrible and/or shocking news, it takes some time to get your head around things and process the information: it often comes jabbing back at you, kicking your consciousness with periodic reminders that, yes, that thing did indeed happen. I’m still getting this, on a gradually reducing scale, every time I see that Godless, orange, short-fingered hooligan sitting behind his desk in the White House: “What’s that clown doing there?….Oh yeah, he won.”. Watching the above videos hopefully helps one allow it to sink in; that, yes, the snake oil selling thug did indeed fool enough people to take the White House.


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