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Examining The Supposedly Bad ‘Colonia/The Colony’ (2015) (May 2017)
Examining The Supposedly Bad ‘Town & Country’ (2001) (May 2017)
A Look At ‘Hidden Figures’ (May 2017)
A Look At ‘Juggernaut’ (May 2017)
A Look At ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ (May 2017)
Saving My IMDb Thread On ‘Sleeper’ (1973): Part One (Feb 2017)
Saving My IMDb Thread On ‘Sleeper’ (1973): Part Two (Feb 2017)
Saving My IMDb Thread On ‘Sleeper’ (1973): Part Three (Feb 2017)
The 1983 Oscars’ Opening (Feb 2017)
BBC South’s Look At ‘The Day The Clown Cried’ (Feb 2017)
A Look At ‘La La Land’ (Feb 2017)
A Look At ‘T2: Trainspotting’ (Jan 2017)
The ‘Maidstone’ Brawl (Jan 2017)
My Favourite Films Of 2016 (Dec 2016)
‘Getting’ A Blazing Saddles Joke After Many Years (Nov 2016)
My Favourite Films (Sep 2016)
Review of ‘Who’s That Girl’ (Sep 2016)

Hillary’s Diffusion Of Blame Bit (June 2017)
On Trump-Indebted Violence Towards The Media (May 2017)
A Possible Path For Democrats In 2020 (May 2017)
Bill Maher in Finger-Wagging Mode, Sadly (May 2017)
Reaction to Trump’s firing of James Comey: FBI Director (May 2017)
On James Comey’s Senate Appearance Today (May 2017)
Exchange on whether Trump’s victory was inevitable (May 2017)
On the May 2nd Hillary Clinton Interview with Christine Amanpour at Women for Women International (May 2017)
TYT And Sam Seder As They Started To Understand That The Roof Was Falling In On Election Night (April 2017)
The Travails Of Dale Peterson (April 2017)
Ivanka Trump: Reining In Her Hooligan Father Or Just ‘Running Interference’ And Giving Him ‘Sane’ Cover? (April 2017)
Tribute To Cenk Uygur and Jimmy Dore For Sounding The Alarm Months In Advance Over Hillary’s Chances (March 2017)
U.S. Democrats’ Problem With Bernie Sanders (March 2017)
On Trump’s Lying, Ignorance And All Round Stupidity (Feb 2017)
An Exchange On How Hillary Clinton’s Defeat Was The Fault Of The Hillary Clinton Campaign (Jan 2017)
A Playlist For Trump’s Inauguration (Dec 2016)
Rachel Maddow And Her Spurious Pre-Election Polls (Dec 2016)
How Michael Bloomberg Might Have Stopped Bernie Destroying Trump (Nov 2016)
Reasons For The Democratic Defeat And How, Without Gary Johnson, It Could Have Been Even Worse (Nov 2016)
2014: MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Urged Hillary Clinton NOT To Run In 2016 (Nov 2016)
Bruce Springsteen Stumping For Hillary Clinton (Nov 2016)
You’re Voting To Choose Your Opponent, Not Your Leader (Nov 2016)
Bill Maher’s Anti-Trump T-shirts (Oct 2016)
The SNL Second Presidential Debate (Oct 2016)
The Case For ‘Drumpf’ Over Trump (Sep 2016)
The Presidential Debates (Sep 2016)
Bernie Sanders Being Set Up To Take The Fall (Sep 2016)
Donald Trump and Legal Action (Sep 2016)
On Tactically Voting “For” Hillary Clinton (Sep 2016)
176 Reasons Not To Vote For Trump (GQ/Keith Olbermann) (Sep 2016)
How To Get Presidential Debates To Engage With Truth (Sep 2016)

Respect to ITV4’s Bundesliga show (May 2017)
Bristol City 0 Birmingham City 1 (Sorry, Blackburn Rovers) (May 2017)
Aston Villa With Birmingham City’s Fate In Their Hands (April 2017)
Messi’s Winning Goal In El Clasico (April 2017)
Bristol City 3 Barnsley 2 (April 2017)
Thoughts On Preston North End 5 Bristol City 0 (April 2017)
An Exchange On Bristol City 4 Huddersfield Town 0 (March 2017)
Bristol City 0 Burton Albion 0 (March 2017)
On Leicester City Firing Claudio Ranieri (March 2017)
Bristol City 0 Fulham 2 (Feb 2017)
Retrospective on Germany 4 Sweden 4 2012 World Cup Qualifier (Bonkers Swedish Commentary) (Feb 2017)
Bristol City 1 Rotherham United 0 (Feb 2017)
2014 World Cup Retrospective: Part One (Nov 2016)
2014 World Cup Retrospective: Part Two (Nov 2016)
2014 World Cup Retrospective: Part Three (Nov 2016)
2014 World Cup Retrospective: Part Four (Nov 2016)
2014 World Cup Retrospective: Part Five (Nov 2016)
Spanish Commentary On Zidane’s 2002 Champions League Final Volley (Oct 2016
Top 20 Goals From INSANE Angles (Sep 2016)

#GreatMindsInSongs (April 2017)
#BoysNameSongs (April 2017)
#MakeAFilmFatter (April 2017)
#TrumpAFamousQuote (March 2017)
#PsychologyASong & InternetAFilm (March 2017)
#MusicalInstrumentCelebs (Feb 2017)

When the 1970s UK Government Was Almost Overthrown In A Military Coup…Twice (Sep 2016)

Eurovision 2017 (May 2017)
Short Songs, Long Songs, Any Songs (March 2017)
Johnny Marr’s Ingenuity (March 2017)
Cover Versions With Little To No Irony (Feb 2017)
New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ played on 1930s Instruments (Oct 2016)
Todd McFarlane’s Pop Video Work (Oct 2016)
Psychoanalysis; Hawkwind; William Burroughs; Kate Bush (Sep 2016)
Mogwai and Barbara Streisand (Sep 2016)

Solution To Indigestion/Acid Reflux (April 2017)


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