Can Ivanka help ameliorate her oafish father?

“…At the 2016 Republican national convention, for example, Trump told the convention body that her father would fight for “equal pay for equal work” and for paid parental leave, both at odds with the party platform and the now president’s campaign rhetoric….”

I’ve got no sympathy for the stunningly entitled, lazy, embittered, phony-baloney, crooked, maladroit Clinton campaign and its unthinking, phony-progressive, enablers but I couldn’t help feel their pain and fury when Ivanka Trump sold this snake oil at the convention. She sounded like she was talking about Hillary, not her Godless hooligan of a father.

She gives a barbarian like Donald Trump ‘sane’ cover and she nullified the Hillary effect with ease: both her and Hillary proffered a nebulous, milquetoast, ‘elite, white feminism‘ ‘How bad could the short-fingered, orange oaf be if the pretty blonde lady was shilling for him?’

Also, Hillary’s husband’s sordid, degenerate history further gave the tiny-handed antichrist further cover: either way, a degenerate maniac was going to be moving into the White House. I’d thought that Bill would have been an asset but he was terrible, just one further figurative bag of heavy shopping for Hillary to haul up the hill. Even Hillary media shills wanted him fired.

There was that fun conspiracy theory that Trump was ‘running interference’ for his golfing buddy’s wife’s run to the White House but one might almost say that it was the other way, that the philandering huckster was trying to do his short-fingered, predatory golfing partner a solid and tripping up his own wife instead. Don’t let history get re-written: Trump’s campaign was terrible beyond belief, it’s just that Hillary’s was even worse, no matter what the MSNBC talking heads would spout in delusion.

I thought that the correct play to stop Trump would be to vote against him in swing states in the most productive, face-facts, way by giving one’s vote to Hillary Clinton, using the analogy of the Jason Bourne films when, faced with an assassin, Bourne could only use what was to hand – a pen, a thick magazine – to survive for another day. The analogy still holds regarding Ivanka and her husband in the White House, They’re the only things to hand; they’re the ‘pen’ and the ‘thick magazine’ that might ameliorate Il Duce Trump’s fruitcakery. No matter how bad things turn out to be, maybe they’d be even worse without Ivanka and Kushner?


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