On Preston North End 5 Bristol City 0

Turned on Radio Bristol at around half time to be told that it was an even game and that, although 1-0 down, a point could be useful tonight, since all the other teams around us are just as miserable and losing. What could Lee Johnson have said to them at half time?

I resisted the temptation to write “Out!” four times and then Control C and then Control V, mainly because it’s way too late and I don’t want to give the board cover as they should be fired too. Gosh, Saturday at home to Wolves: if we go behind, it’ll be industrial accident-style toxic down there.

The club will probably do what they’ve done for the last few home games and cynically ‘astroturf’ the stands with loads of local school children to try to keep a lid on things and act as a good taste corrective against fans who feel that they’re at the end of their ropes and want to go all Howard Beale on our collective “asses”. Such a shell game might not work for much longer. I’m past caring. I’ve already renewed by season ticket for next season and we deserve to go down. If three teams end up worse, doesn’t matter. We’ll be the Sunderland of the Championship and will be back in the toilet in a few months. It’s a fiasco down here. The club’s so moribund, so comatose, it’s like we’re in that Michael Crichton film.

An inflated sense of our own self-importance strangles this club. So what if the stadium looks nice? Got to do the business on the pitch first. There’s an insidious, lazy sense of entitlement here that’s all-pervading. We’re the Hillary Clinton campaign translated to a Championship club.

Never, ever should have sacked Steve Cotterill. He won us the League One championship and the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy in the same season. If we had gone down last season, we’d probably be coming back up even harder right now, knowing what’s in store this time. Cotterill still lives in the area. The club should double what they paid him last time and get him back on the offer of an additional massive bonus if he keeps us up. If not, he’d be the best manager to have as we start from square one again in League One.

EDIT: The club’s players refunded the monies to those who made the trip and saw the 5-0 thrashing


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