– ‘Obesity of God
– ‘Heart Disease-y Rider
– ‘The Fast Food & the Furious’
– Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘Red Dessert
– ‘The Long Good Fry-day.’
– ‘Glad-he-ate-a‘…..second helping.’
– ‘Deep-fry Impact.’
– ‘Sclerosis of the liver ‘n’ Let Die
– ‘Crazy Heart Bypass’
– ‘Indigestion Jones and the Temple of Doom.’
– ‘Hotdog Day Afternoon.’
– ‘Man on Grease Fire
– ‘All (You Can Eat) Is Lost
– ‘Nothing Butter Man
– ‘Full Metal Jacket Potato with Hot Cheese and Mayo.’
– ‘Schindler’s List of Dessert Specials’
– ‘Broadway Danny Roses Chocolates.’
– ‘Sundae Bloody Sundae
– ‘Bloody (Chocolate) Sundae
– ‘A View To A Grill
– ‘Creamgirls
– ‘The Pies of Laura Mars
– ‘Hot Sauce Code
– ‘Nostalgia For When I Was Light.’
– ‘Fight Club Sandwiches’
– ‘A Clockwork Terry’s Chocolate Orange’
– ‘Armageddon’ a second helping with extra hot cheese.’
– ‘X-tra fries-Men’
– ‘West Side Dish Story.’
– ‘Any Given Sundae.’
– ‘What Creams May Come
– ‘There Will Be Blood On My Thick Steak’



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