#PsychologyASong & #InternetAFilm

– Jung Guns (Go For It!)’ by Wham!

– Freud-day, I’m In Love’ by The Cure

– Dean Martin’s ‘Repressed Memories Are Made Of This‘.

– Oedipus ‘N’ Boots‘ by Adam Ant.

– Jung, Gifted and Black‘ by Big Daddy (Complex) Kane.

– Jung Americans‘ by David Bowie.

– ‘I’m Gonna Brain Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair‘ by Ella Fitzgerald

– ‘One Self-Actualisation Under A Groove‘ by Funkadelic


– Hitchcock’s ‘Dial (Up) M(SN) For Murder’

– Schindler’s Buzzfeed Listicle

– John Carpenter’s ‘The Blog

– ‘Vanilla Skype’

– ‘From URL‘, starring Johnny Depp

– ‘Man on Wire‘-less

– ‘Click Baiting For Guffman

– ‘2001: A MySpace Odyssey’

– ‘Carry On Up the Cyber’

– ‘Malware Eagles Dare‘.

– ‘The Firefox and the Hound


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    1. Cool. Thanks very much.


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