Thoughts on watching Bristol City 4 Huddersfield Town 0

Huddersfield didn’t turn up. Even Rotherham were a more convincing team when they played at Ashton Gate. Maybe they were put off after their man got crocked so badly and we had a 14 minute delay? Similar thing happened the other day when RB Leipzig, second in the Bundesliga, got beaten by relegation threatened Wolfsburg after one of the Leipzig players collapsed in the dressing room before the game. I gather that he recovered in hospital later but teams might have their minds elsewhere if they think that one of their number might be seriously hurt or ill. I don’t know but, for whatever reason, Huddersfield were rubbish tonight.

“….City’s centre-back Flint scored with an audacious flick from Gary O’Neil’s low ball into the box….”.

Okay but sometimes backheels are simply the correct, sensible and practical thing to do. They don’t always have to be described as “audacious” or “impudent” or “cheeky” but they nearly always are labelled as such.

I sometimes wonder about players who start to shake a leg and show some life just when the live TV cameras are around and other clubs might be watching. I also wonder about the shamelessness and fickleness of fans who cheer to the rafters only a couple of weeks after unambiguously calling for the manager’s head. Once you’ve crossed that rubicon, of wanting someone fired, one might show a little grace and not swing too much back into being so ‘rah-rah-rah’ otherwise you just give clubs reasons to never listen to your outcries and protests when the excrement hits the fan: “Pfffft! Don’t listen to them. Give’em a couple of wins and they’ll be clapping, singing and back on side, you’ll see…..”.


To me, Rotherham played like an actual team, Huddersfield played like a collection of individuals who could play around with the ball in their own half and gain 62% possession of the ball, which is the easiest thing in the world, but doing nothing with it. They never looked much like scoring but Rotherham did and were much more unlucky. For me, Huddersfield got what they deserved, Rotherham didn’t.

“…..He still got booed as his smug mug appeared on the big screen (were you even there?)…..”.

But if he looked smug, he had a right to look smug. People who’d been attacking him were now singing his team’s praises.

My ‘Rupert Murdoch exclusion zone’ forbids Sky from being in the house and I don’t watch the big screen, I look at the pitch. I’ve got a seat right by the exit in the South Stand and leave on the final whistle. I’m guessing that you’re in the Atyeo Stand. It’s a fair assumption to make that, when you’re in a loud part of the ground, that the rest of the ground is just as loud and/or can hear your part of the crowd but that’s not always the case.

“….Nothing, but nothing, has changed there – the majority of fans want him gone whether we stay up or not…..”.

Got to be a bit cleverer about it, I’d suggest. If a bad performance/result by the team gets laid, like a flaming bag of dog crap, at the front door of the “head coach” (it wasn’t Johnson out on the pitch, one might argue, it was the players) then a good performance/result can’t not also be put at this door too. A receptive crowd to a good result by his side makes him more secure. He, and the board, can then – like a Judo move that uses an attacker’s weight against them – turn around claim credit.

I’m agnostic about Johnson. I thought that he should be kept in place, as in the final analysis, 21st in the league shakes out as being equal to 7th and 21st is well within City’s reach but once his record got so dreadful that it was a firing offence, I thought that it was too late for him to be fired anyway.

It’s the hypocrisy of it that I can’t stand. I saw people who were furious during the Fulham debacle, a reaction sparked by Johnson’s team being so terrible, spin around and praise a good result, by Johnson’s team.

It seems to me that people can’t have both the right to attack the coach when his team does terribly but the right to praise the team, his team (but not him) when his team does well. A little more subtlety would make fans seem less like shameless turncoats and blowhards: maybe don’t call for his head while games are in progress?

“….(Bristol Shyte Sport/Guernsey) regime.”.

Exactly. Very much so. This point of view is becoming more prevalent but it hasn’t always been the case. I’d turn up over the last few seasons and sometimes find Lansdown on the pitch, on one of the meagre number of days permitted by his non domiciled status, on the microphone, selling his snake oil, and going down with the crowd like Frank Sinatra had returned from the grave and I’d wonder why fans were eating it all up with a spoon. I’ve never clapped Lansdown in my life.



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