‘Money Changes Everything’changes into ‘The Right Stuff’

A great song-writer, Johnny Marr; one of the very best. He could/can channel ‘the ecstatic’ from dance music and make it manifest within guitar music instead. In 1986, he had a tune called ‘Money Changes Everything’ that perhaps was awaiting Morrissey’s lyrics but ended up on a B-side to ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’

Then, as The Smiths were imploding, he turned up with Brian Ferry (and appeared in the video), giving it to him to drop some lyrics and thus produce ‘The Right Stuff’

I should make more effort with Marr’s work. Both ‘The Right Thing Right’ and his ‘The Messenger’ both hit the beauty spot.

And I’m still trying to think of someone else, other than Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, who left a band, in which they never sang, and subsequently made a decent fist of singing. Perhaps even Tom Morello doesn’t pass this standard? I love the guy but he can’t really sing. His voice does its job as ‘The Nightwatchman’ but barely. Barely. Maybe that’s why Tom put some massed group vocals on my favourite of his solo songs, ‘Stray Bullets’? Hopefully he knows that massed, group vocals are grievously under used and underrated too. What a tune.



Money and the Hammer’s Main Pages



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