An Encapsulation of the Trump monster

I love this. I had to make a record of this, it’s stupendous. Well, it is horrific but it’s a great snapshot of the child-in-chief, of this buffoon, who’s winging his way through life, hoping against hope that people won’t conclude that he’s a total fraud.

Gosh, the racism, the condescension, the off-handed dismissal and the total ignorance: it’s all a toxic brew that almost saturates this maniac. He just doesn’t know what he’s doing and thinks that if he goes ‘on the front foot’ all the time that he can keep bluffing his orange-faced way through life.

He said on the campaign trail words to the effect of he’ll learn about something once he’s in the White House but the man’s inherent laziness is all over him like a rash. He had about 11 weeks between Hillary’s miserable defeat and his own inauguration but I’d be amazed if he cracked open book one.

A normal person, for example, would have studied up when taking part in the three presidential debates but Trump seemed to interpret the debates as an unfair drain on his time; time when he’d normally be extracting coin by selling some form of snake oil to some poor sucker. In that first debate, he actually had a good first 20 minutes or so, hammering Hillary Clinton on trade, then Hillary gradually found her feet and gently mowed Trump down like she was cutting her front lawn. In the second debate, he was much worse. Trump just looked like a short-fingered predator, a bully waiting to pounce. So much so that I suggested at the time that Clinton’s people should have done a social media campaign, asking U.S. citizens to send her cans of mace and then had a picture of her standing by a huge pile of said mace cans, like she was Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’, disseminating said photograph prior to the third debate. And, in the third one, Clinton just demolished the fool to an embarrassing extent. Trump started badly in the debates but got worse and worse.


I’ve got a trillion things against Hillary Clinton but I said at the time that I actually thought that her debate performances were in the realm of near heroism. She got herself a poll lead after the convention but her support was so soft that she gradually hemorrhaged more and more percentage points and then, when she fell ill at the 9/11 commemoration, everything went south.

With enough time, you get over any form of bad news but that’s just it: it all comes at once, to sledgehammer you to the ground. If only bad news could get parceled out, in order for you to gradually get your head around things? It was around 12th September that I started to tell people to get ready and really consider the possibility that the snake oil selling maniac could seriously become the president of the United States; I was trying to ameliorate the shock for people. Things looked very bleak and she must have known that but the way that she handled herself in all three debates was very admirable indeed and she got another lead after the third debate but that’s another story. As long as Hillary stays away, she’s not important. Her misguided, butt-hurt, stubborn, shell-shocked supporters are relevant but Hillary is not. So what if she and Bill helped facilitate 20% of U.S. Uranium in a sale to Russia, she’s not the president, Trump is and it’s all on him now.

I’m not American but I try to study and stay across U.S. politics because it has ramifications for all the rest of the world. So I can watch Trump do his thing, and I can be horrified and sickened, but it doesn’t make me go mad or break my heart. I had nothing to do with this bellend becoming president. If I was an American, I’d have sucked it up and voted for Hillary no matter what state I was living in, just on general principle over his second amendment comments: he should have been arrested, not allowed to go on fighting an election. Otherwise I’d have only voted for Hillary if I lived in a swing state. If I lived in New York, California or Texas, I’d have been thrilled to vote for Jill Stein and the Green party. For Americans, though, it must be quite insane to watch this tawdry parade of filth, ignorance, misogyny, crookedness and shadiness scuzzy up the White House. It’s too close to the bone for them and I think that’s it’s another reason why Hillary supporters still seem so deranged, unreasonable and such neo-McCarthyite scoundrels: they’re still dizzied from the unexpected defeat and are still trying to orientate themselves against this provocation.

It made me think of how my favourite Ken Loach films are the ones that are set outside the U.K.: I love ‘Land and Freedom’, set in the Spanish Civil War; his ‘Bread and Roses’, set in Los Angeles; his films in Ireland like the grossly-underrated ‘Jimmy’s Hall’ and ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ or the Nicaraguan ‘Carla’s Song’ the best. When the underside of the rock is examined too close to home, I can’t lie, I do get uncomfortable. Trump’s corruption, shadiness and stupidity doesn’t hurt me like it does Americans, I’m sure.

Those Americans that I know, or knew, over here would be nauseated every time they have to look at this orange clown, his freakishly tiny mouth, and his moronic hand motions – that he probably thinks look really cool and assertive. The one that really gets me is the one where it looks like he could be picking a pubic hair out of the butter dish: the ‘pinch’ motion. I rather like the one when he seems to be playing an invisible concertina because Trump does that motion when he’s flailing around and feeling like he’s drowning. And if he ever does find himself actually drowning, I don’t think the media nor CIA will be the ones who’ll throw him a rope.

This Russia story is going to take him down, I think. I’ve always suspected that Trump wouldn’t make a year and would never give his moronic take on a State of the Union speech but now I’ll be surprised if he lasts six months. As with Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server, whether a politician is guilty of something or not, if the narrative takes, if it sticks to them, then they’re in a world of hurt.

With Hillary, it was always insane that she was waved on through and allowed to run within the Democratic primaries, with no consideration of how the Feds’ investigation might impinge on the party and the country if it all blew up, as it did. Some argue about being innocent before being proven guilty and that it wasn’t for the Democratic party to be judge and jury. Very true but what was in the Democratic party’s purview was to have strong candidates, people who might win nominations and win elections. Would Bernie Sanders or Jim Webb or Lincoln Chafee been allowed to run with an FBI investigation over their heads? No way, no how. Trump or Zodiac killer, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in the Republican primaries while being a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI? Would never happen. It was deemed to be Hillary’s turn, though, and she got special dispensation. All of the whining about the Comey letter: well don’t run candidates who’ve got the Feds all over them, then!

But, leaving aside the rights and wrongs, Hillary was tarred and feathered a long time ago as someone suspect and someone shady and she never came close to having the skill to change that narrative. With Trump too, it doesn’t matter if Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon and the 45th president are Russian operatives or not, the narrative is sticking to them and sticking more firmly every day. Trump firing Flynn is the first major crack in the administration’s own dumb wall.

In Britain, the ex-Liberal Democrats leader, the late Charles Kennedy, was long dogged by rumours of a drinking problem but once he was in a position of essentially having to answer interviewer’s questions with: “No, I’m not a drunk…” he was toast. Or the 36th president, Lyndon Johnson, a man who did some great things, like the Civil Rights Act and the Great Society reforms, but was a really nasty piece of work, if you look into him. As Hunter Thompson often recounted, when LBJ was once running in a close election, against a farmer, back in the 40s or 50s, and Johnson decided that he wanted to put out the story, on the down low, that his opponent had a “prurient interest” in his livestock. LBJ’s nonplussed advisers thought he’d gone bonkers: “But no one would believe that he sleeps with his animals!…?”. Johnson: “I know. I just want him to have to deny it.”.


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