Rachel Maddow cheerleads and essentially gives people no reason to get off the couch to vote.

I don’t know when this is from. My guess that it’s from post-debate polls or from the poll gain that Clinton received after the Democratic convention. You can almost see the cheerleader pom-poms on Maddow’s hands. There’s no value to this “story” at all. Whatsoever. Mainstream media wants to talk about “fake” news? Look in the mirror.

It’s a damn shame. Maddow started on MSNBC as a guest on shows like Keith Olbermann’s or as a panel guest with other contributors, often taking that tired hack Joe Scarborough to school, even once leading him to take off his mic and walk off screen in frustration on one occasion.  With Scarborough and others, Maddow was like The Matrix’s Neo fighting off agents with one hand while yawning. Now, it’s us that yawns while people like Rachel Maddow blame everyone and everything else in the world for Hillary Clinton’s miserable electoral college defeat, rather than Hillary Clinton herself and those who enabled her….like Rachel Maddow.


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