Would Bernie have beaten Drumpf? Absolutely. No doubt about it….except…

Sanders would have taken him to the cleaners. When faced with the ‘original’ and the ‘phony’, the public chooses the original. When Democrats run as Republican-lite, they often lose. Sanders’ genuine populism would have wiped the floor with Drumpf’s phony populism.

However: One argument to consider is if that swine, and Drumpf golfing buddy, Mike Bloomberg might well have jumped into the race if Sanders had somehow got the Democratic nomination (which, looking at wikileaks, seems like it would never, ever have been allowed to happen anyway.).

He’d have made great play of previously being a Democrat but I think that he’d have taken many more votes from Drumpf as Bloomberg was just more useless establishment detritus. Sanders, then, would have had the pleasure of taking two unsavoury egomaniacs to the cleaners rather than just one. Bloomberg is a horrible individual. Remember his comments about Elizabeth Warren? Talking about her battle against Scott Brown:

“….“You can question whether he’s too conservative,” Bloomberg said. “You can question, in my mind, whether she’s God’s gift to regulation, close the banks and get rid of corporate profits, and we’d all bring socialism back, or the U.S.S.R.”……”.

Then again, we know how establishment media almost jizzes itself over any politician they can call ‘bipartisan’ and they, and Bloomberg, would have hammered that drum like a mother f. There would have been a false equivalence of the short-fingered predator and Bernie Sanders being the two opposing extremes (Sanders is a FDR New Dealer, FFS! As Jimmy Dore said, the last Democratic Socialist, FDR, was so popular that term limits had to be introduced.) while Bloomberg would say over and over how he used to be a Democrat then became a Republican and now I’m an independent so I must be cool, right?

It’s all academic. Many establishment Democrats, I suspect, would rather a Drumpf presidency than a Bernie one because they can still feed at the trough. They would have died before they allowed Bernie Sanders to win. So, I doubt that Sanders could ever have been up against Drumpf to undoubtedly kick his backside and, even if that had occured, maybe Bloomberg and the media would have tag-teamed him out of contention anyway?

Any Hillary supporters still feeling tired of defending themselves; feeling that life is totally unfair; bellowing that they didn’t want to lose, damn it; that, if they could go back in time, they would take the ‘honorary woman’, Bernie Sanders, now, in a heartbeat; and are just sick and ashamed of leaving themselves so dangerously exposed after stupidly backing Hillary’s miserable failure and the total Democratic fiasco, might try bringing up this Bloomberg scenario. That, to me, is a lot more believable and much more intellectually tenable than trying to propose that the scandal-free, populist, honest, galvanising and inspiring Bernie Sanders would not have cleaned Drumpf’s clock because you’re also then saying that Drumpf – the most unpopular U.S. presidential candidate in history – would have been unbeatable and that’s the talk of a crazy person.


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