An reader breaks it down.

I felt duty bound to archive a reader’s response to an article-autopsy regarding the U.S. Democrats’ utter debacle last week. The writer of the article itself, even though I profoundly disagreed with her advocacy of Hillary Clinton, is actually a really good writer and has already had the strength and fortitude to get up, spin around and call for Keith Ellison (watch him warn about Drumpf many months ago and watch the “experts” literally – literally – laugh in the man’s face) to run the DNC so good for her, even though this reader’s comment goes on an almighty tear.


I’m sorry…. the author is clueless. She simply does not understand why Hillary lost. Let’s review. Hillary had the entire Democratic, Republican, media, business, tech, and global establishment on her side. She had the most formidable political machine of the past 30 years. She raised more money than any other Democratic candidate for President…over 900 million dollars. She out spent Trump 3-1. She had substantially more troops on the ground. She had President Obama at the height of his popularity not only anoint her as his successor but campaign by her side. She had her husband as well as Michelle Obama pleading her case. She won all three debates.  Her opponent put his foot in his mouth every time he walked out the door.  She had every conceivable advantage….more advantages than anyone who has ever run or probably ever will run for President.   And she still couldn’t close the deal….she still could not win….against…. Donald…. Trump! 

 But that’s not the worse of it….her coat tails were so insignificant that the Republicans maintained control of the House an Senate while solidifying their hold of  state governments — maintaining  31 of the 50 state governorships and 30 of the 49 legislatures that are partisan and bicameral gains.  Do you think that just maybe it wasn’t her sex ….just maybe Hillary lost because….well…. she was Hillary….one of the most divisive and unpopular candidates to ever run for POTUS.

My God at least accept responsibility for running a poor campaign ….that borders on political malfeasance… Sexism exists, but to blame it for Clinton’s loss —is utterly ridiculous… Hillary had enough baggage to crush 100 glass ceilings. Practically any other Democratic candidate man or women with all of these built in advantages would have won by a landslide. Get real!  Don’t you think VP Biden or Sen. Warren could have won with this overwhelming edge???  

Who is to blame for Hillary’s defeat…I would maintain that it is the philosophy Ms. Traister and her ilk are trying push, dump, and sell to the Democratic establishment ….that it was vital in 2016 to have a woman as our candidate no matter how unsuitable she was as politician. No matter how much baggage she dragged behind her, ….her supporters were beyond logic….impervious to reason. Well guess what we got a woman candidate ….look at the results ….. Disaster. Brilliant idea. And here’s the scary thing ….it was only this close because Trump was running …had her opponent been a well organized moderate like Kasich ….well it would have been an ….. apocalyptic disaster. I guess we got a break.

 It is not to the self-interest of the Democratic Party to conduct a coronation. It is not in the self-interest of the Democratic Party to conduct a symbolic campaign. And it is certainly not in the self-interest of the Democratic party to blame this loss on white working class males …as Ms. Traister is clearly doing…hello….we need these people to come back into the tent.

 It is however in the self-interest of the Democratic party to have candidate be it man or woman black or white or anything in between…. up there every election cycle…. That inspires, energizes and relates to the Democratic voters …which Hillary clearly was unable to do. The Democratic Party can get by just fine without Ms. Traister drive us off a cliff smug rage and finger pointing….we cannot nor should we want to get by without the support of white working class males. They have always been our natural allies. Time to shut up and listen to their concerns….yes?

Going forward I hope Ms. Traister and her cohorts continues to write about politics. I also hope the Democratic establishment reads, listens and seeks their counsel. Then I hope they do the exact opposite of what they are recommending. There’s no way we can do any worse.”

On the point of Drumpf being mad and another ‘normal human being’ Republican winning even harder: that’s true but also look at the third parties. Gary Johnson’s Libertarian party, if anything, helped Hillary Clinton win states that, otherwise, would have gone into Drumpf’s column and made it a total massacre:

Colorado: Hillary won by 2.1%. Right-wing Gary Johnson got 2.2. Jill Stein and the Greens got 0.7%.
Johnson probably swung it Hillary’s way.

Minnesota: Hillary won by 1.4%. Gary Johnson got 3.9%. Jill Stein got 1.3%.
Again, thanks to Johnson.

Nevada: Hillary won by 2.4%. Gary Johnson got 3.3%. No Jill Stein on the ballot but ‘None Of The Above’ got 2.6%
Johnson to rescue again.

New Mexico: Hillary won big by 8.3%……. but Gary Johnson got 9.3%. Jill Stein got 1.2%.
Big props to Gary Johnson there.

Florida: Drumpf won by 1.3%….but without Gary Johnson’s 2.2% it could’ve/would’ve been larger, no? Jill Stein got 0.7%

Facts have a non-neoliberal bias, evidently.


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