You’re not choosing a leader, you’re choosing an opponent.

Seen about three articles now, all re-tweeted many a-time, all ascribing Hillary’s woes to males, their dicks and misogyny in general. Nothing is ever her fault, evidently. How many of the other (male) candidates would have even been allowed to run in their parties’ respective primaries while an FBI investigation was hanging over their heads? We’ll never know for sure but I’d suggest that Bernie Sanders or Marco Rubio or Drumpf or the Zodiac killer would have all been told ‘Hell, no!’ and been asked to leave. Hillary was different though because, as Doug Henwood said, it was seen as her “turn”. People mention the follies of when those take their ‘turn’, like Bob Dole, like John McCain, like Mitt Romney but 1980’s ‘turn’ was Ronald “Mad Dog” (McDonald) “Ray-Gun” Reagan. His two crushing victories and his onslaught – in concert with that succubus, Margaret Thatcher – still resonates, in all the wrong ways, today.

So all notions of due diligence went out of the window; everyone swallowed Sidney Blumenthal propaganda about Hillary’s travails being a ‘review’, an ‘inquiry’, and these damaged goods were allowed to continue. And here we are….

That’s not to say that there isn’t some validity in pointing out that Hillary Clinton had differing hurdles to overcome, due to how women are perceived. A male in her position would have gone full ‘smashmouth’ in all three debates against the short-fingered predator but Hillary and her team were wise enough to know that a female doing political ‘street-fighting’ wouldn’t have played well with those whose votes she needed. So, she deftly, cleverly fed that short-fingered punk, that ludicrous, swivel-eyed crank, more and more rope, eventually kicking his chair away. While her team detailed Tim Kaine to rough up and maul Pence. It didn’t matter how it played; he was the good soldier doing what she wasn’t able, or wasn’t allowed, to do. The main, overarching, narrative was Hillary coming across like an adult while Miller/Barron/Drumpf/von Clownstick looked for all the world like a bellicose wino in need of sleep and a hot meal.

Reluctant/hesitant Hillary voters: don’t make the mistake of falling for the received wisdom about presidents rarely being one-term and thinking that she’s nailed on for a full eight years if she wins next week.

In 2020, a President Hillary would be asking for the fourth consecutive Democratic term in the White House and, to be fair to Hillary, that would be a huge ask for any Democrat. Have the Democrats ever been voted to four straight terms in U.S. history?

Voters won’t forget 2016’s horrible choice. If either Hillary or Drumpf runs again in 2020, they will get clobbered; pounded into dog meat at the polls.

The Republicans will be gunning for her and obstructing for all they’re worth. Vote Hillary and get Kaine in 18 – 36 months anyway, unless her genius for lawyering her way through continues.

Hillary’s the last of her bought-and-paid-for kind. Sanders, WikiLeaks and, to an extent, Drumpf have pulled back the curtain for all to see. The next Democrat will have to raise money from people, not banks and corporations or they’ll be laughed out of town. Think Elizabeth Warren; think Nina Turner; think Zephyr Teachout: think actual progressives rather than phonies.

You’re not choosing a leader, you’re choosing your opponent. Would you prefer a neoliberal weather vane who believes in climate change, in families, in women or a maniac neo-fascist who believes in nothing other than his own narcissism?

And, at a purely base level, who would you rather be forced to look at for the next four years? An elegant woman, who can talk in properly constructed language? Or an ugly, fat, bellicose, moronic, orangutan-haired, short-fingered, swivel-eyed crank and predator who spews childish gibberish, racism, xenophobia and plutonium-grade misogyny?


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