The Washington Post: ‘Trump Revealed’: The Reporting Archive

Interesting stuff. The great Robert Mitchum (a man who supposedly had photographs of his personal marijuana plants in his wallet, in the way that others might have photos of their loved ones) once disparagingly spoke of himself as having two acting styles: with a horse; without a horse. Scrolling down these Washington Post documents, it looks like Donald Drumpf, the short-fingered dunce, has two modes of existence: suing someone; being sued by someone.

I’m thinking that it was his fondness for ‘erb that led to Robert Mitchum recording his ludicrous ‘Calypso – Is Like So’ album. He deploys an awful affected-patois accent as he sings but that kind of tomfoolery never stopped Sting becoming a huge success twenty years later. This song’s sexism would probably appeal to the short-fingered, orangutan-haired, hysteric:

“From a logical point of view, always marry a woman uglier than you”.

Speaking of Drumpf, though, the time that he threatened to sue Bill Maher, and why he threatened Bill Maher, is always a fun listen:

And it’s always a giggle to read about the time that the short-fingered vulgarian wanted to sue The Onion too:

“…”To the Onion: I wish to call your attention to an article currently on your home page allegedly penned by Donald Trump entitled, “When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead in About 15 or 20 Years.” Let me begin by stating the obvious, the commentary was not written by Donald Trump…”


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