The Drumpf/Hillary debates and Wong Kar-wai

Drumpf, the short-fingered maniac, is supposed to be willing to get into the ring with Hillary for the usual three presidential debates, starting September 26th, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m still of a mind that Drumpf is too much of a coward and a punk to do that and doesn’t want to be shown up as the bonehead that he is, but if the debates somehow do happen I think that the fight between Ziyi Zhang and Max Zhang in Wong Kar Wai’s ‘The Grandmaster’ offers a figurative preview to how, to the same ‘beats’ and ‘rhythms’, any Hillary/Drumpf clash(es) will all play out.

It would be brutal. The short-fingered vulgarian might throw all sorts of verbal attacks against Hillary but I think that she’ll dismantle him and throw him out with the rest of the trash, essentially.

Stretching the analogy further, as one watches these two seemingly try to kick the crap out of each other, Max Zhang was Ziyi Zhang’s own stunt double in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ so they’re probably friends in real life, similar to the Clintons pitching up at the short-fingered punk’s latest wedding , or Drumpf and Bill Clinton playing golf together or Drumpf giving 100 large to the Clinton Foundation and 10 grand on a table at a Clinton Foundation gala.

Stretching the analogy to near breaking point, some still suspect that Drumpf has always been detailed to be Hillary’s own ‘stunt man’ for this election; running interference and ‘taking falls’ for her. On numerous occasions, when the spotlight should have been on her, Drumpf’s said something boneheaded/disgraceful/ludicrous/racist/childish/misogynistic to take the attention away from Hillary and onto his own unfitness for office.

It’s a mad idea, like the Duke brothers in Trading Places on crack; Bill and Drumpf hatching a plan at the 19th hole. Rather than making a homeless person a Wall Street trader and vice-versa but making one of their wives – their grossly unpopular wife – president of the United States and with the only way this coming about is if the other one of the terrible duo “ran against” her, thereby making her only the second most disliked candidate in history, compared to his own short-fingered foolishness. Such a mad notion but one that got pushed into the ‘Well, it’s possible, I suppose’ column after Bill Clinton’s reckless and insane act of stupidity by bum-rushing Loretta Lynch’s plane when Lynch’s feds were all over Hillary. Bill Clinton said that he bumped into Lynch while he was in Phoenix, Arizona at that time to play golf but Bill Clinton’s seventy years old and it was over 100 degrees in Phoenix. He wasn’t there to play golf.

Anyway, the US right loves to play the victim and a huge, embarrassing loss for Drumpf in the General could be the narcissistic ‘fuel’ (“Robbed!…We were robbed, I tells ya!…It was rigged!….How could anyone lose by such a landslide, eh?…..Quod erat demonstrandum!”) for the construction of Drumpf’s TV “news” media empire, drafting in scoundrels and miscreants like Steve Bannon, Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity to help each other extract coin from the hayseeds, yokels, the klan, neo-nazis and corn pones of the country.

Next time: a few thoughts on Bernie Sanders’ run


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