I give fair warning, there’s going to be some stuff, plenty of stuff, about the 2016 U.S. presidential election on this blog. I’ll get into that ludicrous, despicable farce later but I just wanted to mark down the actual reasons why I have to, I simply must, refer to the Republican nominee as Donald Drumpf. The reasons are three fold:

The first being that this flim-flam man bases “his” wealth on selling his brand (anyone who uses ‘brand’ seriously and talks about it as a ‘thing’ immediately starts me looking at them with some side-eye). He just pimps out his hateful surname out so that businesses can put lots of coin into his grubby, tiny hands and, in return, they get to merely slap his name on the side of whatever tatty product they’re trying to convince people to buy. For some reason (he didn’t make those products, didn’t construct that building, make those steaks, manufacture that water), the short-fingered, vulgar hysteric has a reputation for being a great businessman, despite his bankruptcies , his lack of his financial tap-dancing being able to make more money than if he’d just left it in the bank for 42 years and that he got some huge, but indeterminate, amount of $$$ from Daddy

Anyway, the first point being that, when it comes to….sigh…..brands and branding….sigh…..it’s all about making sure that that brand name gets spoken about and drummed into the collective consciousness. It’s a lost cause to try to resist this psychic onslaught but advocating for lost causes has never made my strut waver before: I just won’t play. I can’t give him the oxygen. To me, he’s Drumpf; Donald Drumpf.

Secondly, as John Oliver explained, ‘Drumpf’ might have actually been his original family name. While referring to Drumpf as Drumpf the other day, someone accused me – in the brave, certain way that keyboard warriors do – of being racist against Germans and using Drumpf’s origins with a tang of underlying disrespect. They weren’t to know that Germany is actually just about my favourite country, with its serious attitude towards recycling and its environment in general, the beer, the Bundesliga, its toe-tapping tunesmithery   Anyway, I love Germany; what I don’t like is short-fingered, neo-fascists, pandering to racists in order to wreck the lives of millions. Someone who’s so cynically shilling for ‘white rage’ and mass deportation perhaps ought to be reminded of his own German, non-American, roots.

Thirdly, Drumpf’s woefully, childishly embarrassing shtick of affixing ‘nicknames’ to grown adults who stand in his way perhaps indicates that if he can’t show respect to others then that same disrespect should maybe came back at him.

Next time: talk on the projected Hillary/Drumpf presidential debates through the prism of the work of Wong Kar-wai.


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